repose, my love. i've sinned enough for the both of us

leone abbacchio's hot goth witch wife & ceo of wei wuxian.
twenty-one, november 16th.
lesbian + they or he pronouns


✰ Please tell me if I said that made you uncomfortable.
✰ my mental health is bad but please don't ask me about this.
✰ i am critical of the media i consume and sometimes i post criticism of the things i like.
✰ i try to be as respectful as i can but if i say something harmful or offensive, please tell me! i'll sit down and listen!
✰ although i'm shy, i'm very affectionate with everyone! feel free to tell me if this makes me uncomfortable!


don't follow if:
✰ if you support bolsonaro. actually, block me right now if you do. bye.
✰ you support pedophilic/incest ships
✰ you call yourself a fujoshi
✰ you're racist/islamophobic/anti-semitic
✰ you're homophobic/transphobic/terf
✰ you are not okay with trans or non binary lesbians headcanons
✰ you don't support he/him lesbians.

please tag:
#eating disorders, #gore, #eye horror, #blood, #veins, #rape
hmu if you need anything tagged!

    my girlfriend is literally the most beautiful person in the world and i love her a lot

    i can’t believe someone so amazing like her can love someone like me but she does!!!! i love her so much !!!!!!! literally my favorite person !!!!

    we’ve been dating since june, 2017 and everyday our love grow even more (wow!!!) 💘💓🌸❣💌💞🌸❣💌💞💖 and shes an amazing girl with the most beautiful heart in the world !!! she’s the sun of my life and she makes me so happy & can make any bad day become a bright day!

    games ace attorney, touhou, life is strange, the last of us, danganronpa, twau, ddlc, starira, undertale, grand chase, your turn to die.

    animanga jjba , hxh, sailor moon, utena, evangelion, tokyo mew mew, daiya no ace, rayearth, revue starlight, little witch academia, fruits basket, mp100


    comfort characters

    wei wuxian mdzs/the untamed
    miles edgeworth ace attorney
    leone abbacchio, bruno buccellati jjba
    ursula callistis lwa
    my melody sanrio
    tsuyu asui bnha
    alluka zoldyck hunter x hunter
    sohma akito fruits basket
    miu iruma, sonia nevermind danganronpa
    haruka tenoh, hotaru tomoe sailor moon
    miyuki kazuya daiya no ace
    hibari kyoya katekyo hitman reborn
    every female character from revolutionary girl utena